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TikTok Marketing

We Create Cultural Moments

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Named Best In-Class by TikTok

1.5M Hashtag Challenge video creations
13.7% TopView engagement rate
+9.6% Lift in brand awareness
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Who is PushPlay ?

We are trend architects

Building creative campaigns around influencers and media — then executing and tracking

Making sure you command your own cultural moment

Brands We've Worked

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Our TikTok Marketing Cases

Why TikTok Marketing ?

Think about it — "Big Bang Theory" (one of the most watched tv shows of all time) commanded an average audience of 17-million. The cost of a 30-second commercial spot during BBT sat around $250,000 to reach 17-million eyeballs that one could argue had tuned out to surf social media until their show returned.

Average Cost to Reach 17 million Eyeballs

  • Instagram $170,000+
  • YouTube $129,000+
  • TikTok we’ve achieved 17 million views for just $17,000

Average Daily Time Spent

  • Facebook less than 10 min.
  • Instagram 10 minutes
  • TikTok 52 minutes

Feed post half life:

  • Instagram – half of the engagement your posts will ever receive will occur within the first 18hrs
  • TikTok – posts can be continuously served to new audiences over periods of months

Over 2 Billion downloads worldwide.